Organic Veggie Wall v3 (Complete set with installation)

Gardens With Purpose Pte Ltd


Grow veggies at home with limited space?

Yes it's highly possible with this veggie wall set up.

You can now easily grow your clean and nutritious veggies at home without any gardening background. Just simply follow the steps given to you by our professional team.

You can harvest 84-168 veggies per month with only 1 time set up


1 set of veggie wall consists of the following items:

1. High grade aluminium support rack suitable for both outdoors and indoors (worth $500)

2. 7 rows of pots with GWP's Organic Soil Mix, 4 pots per rows, total 28 pots if 1 sided or 56 pots if 2 sided wall (worth $240 or $480 for 2 sided)

3. 3 veggies/pot, ie up to 84 veggies to be harvested per month if 1 sided or up to 168 veggies if 2 sided wall

4. 5-8 types of veggies seedlings such as chye sim, chinese cabbage, kailan, local lettuce, kangkong, spinach etc. (worth $15 - $30)

5. 3 packets of seeds such as kangkong, chye sim, chinese cabbage (worth $7.50)

6. 1 litre of soil probiotic (worth $14.8)

7. 500g organic fertiliser (worth $4.80)

8. Watering system worth (worth $168 - $336)

Note: Growlights not included in this package, please leave a remark during purchase and we will quote to you a price. Only Aluminium rack is available. Industrial galvanised steel (black) version is available for large scale bulk orders only. 

Height= 183cm
Width= 106cm
Depth= 60cm
Rows= 7
Pots= 28
1 Pot= 2-3 Veggies

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