BABA BI-510 Planter Box (Cotta)



BABA BI-510 is a durable and lightweight plastic planter box. It has a detachable filter net inside that separates the soil from a small recess that works as a water reservoir. This planter box is able to fit approximately 1 to 2 plants, each 30cm height in a row depending on spacing.

There are 2 drainage holes at the bottom of the planter to totally drain excess water in the reservoir, and a drainage hole on one side of the reservoir to partially drain the reservoir with the bottom holes plugged. All drainage holes can be plugged with the included silicon plugs to store more water if you plan on going away for the week.

This planter box is biodegradable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Overall Size: 33.6cmL x 18.7cmW x 14.7cmH

Mouth: 30cmL x 15cmW

Base: 25cmL x 10.2cmW

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