Bosda Mosquito Killer


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Mosquitoes and the threat of Dengue is a repeated affair in Singapore. If you are like us and have purchased many different mosquito killers in Singapore, you will realize one thing they all have in common, THEY DONT WORK!

We've spent hundreds of dollars purchasing many different brands and types (CO2 Emitting, UV Bulbs Electrical Shock, Insect Glue, Repellent Patch, Consistent Suction, Etc) of mosquito killers and repellent and yet have zero or a mere 2 kills despite being constantly riddled with bites.

The sad truth is:

- Most repellents don't work especially on individuals who seems to be most prone to bites.

- Mosquito killers all fail to attract the mosquitoes to the trap OR 

- The killing mechanisms don't effective kill the mosquitoes OR BOTH


Here's the good news, after spending hundreds of dollars and testing multiple products, we have finally found a mosquito killer that works! Don't be mistaken by it's ordinarylooks, Bosda Electric Mosquito Killer DELIVERS THE RESULTS. Take a look at the results below:

2 Hours

Bosda 2 Hours Kill


 1 Night


Still don't believe us? It's okay, because we are so confident of our product, we will give you a ONE DAY GUARANTEE KILL!

If your room has mosquitoes, purchase our Bosda Mosquito Killer and leave it alone in that room for 1 night. If by the next morning you still have zero kills, just give us a call and we will come to your place to collect the machine and give you a full refund with no questions asked. Therefore, this is a risk free investment for you. Our guarantee stands that you will have multiple mosquito kills within 24 hours of your purchase (usage according to instructions is of course required).

Start protecting your family NOW by purchasing any one of the following packages:

Standard Package (SGD 48):
1 fully equipped standard Bosda Mosquito Killer

Standard + 1 Pair Extra Bulbs Package (SGD 58):
1 fully equipped standard Bosda Mosquito Killer + 1 extra pair of UV Bulbs

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