Camal No.301 Flower Stand (White) 42”L x 20”W x 22.5”H



Camal No.301 Flower Stand is a two-tier pot/planter box rack that has a durable and weather-resistant 0.5" thick coated iron frame. It can be used to display several potted plants.

Each tier can fit a large-sized planter box like the Baba No. 507-L Planter Box, or a medium-sized planter box with several pots like the Baba No.508 Planter Box and 2 Baba SQ-200 Pots or even several smaller pots such as 5 Baba SQ-200 Pots. This flower stand comes with raised bars on each side to prevent pots from accidentally tipping over.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Each flower stand is approximately 106.6cmL by 50.8cmW by 57cmH.

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