Seedlings (3 Weeks Old Leafy Vegetables)

Gardens with Purpose


100 Live Vegetable Seedlings (Leafy)

Vegetable seedlings are used to replace harvested vegetables on our Organic Veggie Walls.

100 Live Seedlings comes in 4 or 5 types depending on supply:

- Lettuce

- Chinese Cabbage

- Chye Sim

- Rockets

- Kow Pek Chye

Delivery Note (Please Read!)


- Due to the nature of high transport costs for Live Plants, Live Seedlings Delivery is $22 per trip. You can expect to receive your seedlings within 1 to 2 days upon placing your order. Any other purchase in the same cart will not have any additional delivery charges as it will tag along the same trip.

- If there is no urgency, we can pool together a few OVWs owners in your area to share the delivery costs (Usually takes 1 to 2 weeks upon ordering). Delivery charges (usually around $5) can be paid by cash upon receiving the seedlings.  Simply select self collect on checkout and leave us a note saying "shared delivery needed". We will inform you once we have the minimum orders and arrange the delivery for you.


- Due to the nature of Live Plants growth and transport costs, all seedling collection orders will be fulfilled in batches. Therefore we will notify you when your seedlings are ready for collection (within 1 to 2 weeks). As these seedling are Live and have a short expiry date, please collect within 1 to 2 days upon notification. Gardens With Purpose Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any expired plants due to the delay of self collection.

- If you require the seedlings urgently, please select our delivery option as mentioned above


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