Terrarium Making Set

Gardens with Purpose

$65.50 $80.00


Within this GWP Terrarium Making Set contains everything you need in order to make your own Miniature Terrarium. Each set contains enough materials to make 10 miniature terrariums. The items that are within this set are as follow:

  1. 10 Glass Bottles (Asst. Shapes & Sizes)
  2. 2 Pots of Live Fittonia Plants (Color Might Vary, total 10 or more individual plants)
  3. 1 Box of Pebbles
  4. 1 Box of Sphagnum Moss
  5. 1 Box of Compost
  6. 1 Box of Sand
  7. 10 Plastic Cups
  8. 10 Plastic Spoons
  9. 1 Roll of Tape
  10. Sponge
  11. 30 Sticks
  12. 1 packet of miniature toy (10 asst. toys)
  13. 5 Box of Colored Sand (Asst. Colors)

Let your creativity flow! 


Delivery Note 

- Due to the nature of Live Plants, special care is required during delivery. Therefore all Terrarium Making Sets will be fulfilled in batches. This means that delivery or collection might take slightly longer than usual (usually 1 week upon payment). 

- Live Fittonia Plant / Terrarium Set delivery is $22 per trip. Any other purchase in cart will not have any additional delivery charges as it will tag along the same trip.

- Self Collection available. We will notify you when your Terrarium Set is ready for collection. As these Fittonia Plants are Live Plants, please collect within 1 to 2 days of notification. Gardens With Purpose Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any expired plants due to the delay of self collection.

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