About us

Gardens With Purpose began in 2011 with Joanne Ng.
As a typical Singaporean mother of 3, Joanne saw the need of bringing Nature and Health to the family.
However, like most Singaporeans, Joanne started with zero knowledge on how to grow plants. At times it almost seems impossible to keep a plant alive.
It is through many failures over several years and collaboration with experts such as “Local Farmers, Experienced Gardeners, Organic Farmers in Thailand/Malaysia, Professors, etc” that she became a leading expert in Organic Gardening and Healthy Living herself.
Joanne saw the need to share these knowledge with as many people as possible and that’s where Gardens With Purpose was born.
Today, Gardens With Purpose is the Top Training Provider in Organic Gardening and Healthy Living. Over the years, we have trained over 30 000 people in Singapore.