G1 Grow Lights (LED Full Spectrum)

Gardens With Purpose Pte Ltd

$2.00 $227.00

LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights to grow your own Herbs & Vegetables Indoors. Tested and approved by Gardens With Purpose.

Instead of just focusing on the growth spectrums, Full Spectrum Grow Lights ensures that the plant receives the broad bands of light (mimicking sunlight) to ensure healthy growth. 

Very ideal for growing plants indoors where there is no sunlight present (Eg. Kitchen, Living Room).

Using Low Energy LEDs, these grow lights generates high lumens (brightness) which are usually required for vegetable growth. For plants that don't require as high an intensity (eg. Aloe Vera, Mints, etc), simply increase the distance between the plants and the bulb.

Easy to install and energy saving. Can be for Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Soil Based growing.

6 Bulb Set With Adaptors & Connectors:
- 6 x G1 Grow Lights
- 3 x Short Connectors
- 2 x Long Connectors
- 1 x Adaptor

8 Bulb Set With Adaptors & Connectors:
- 8 x G1 Grow Lights
- 4 x Short Connectors
- 3 x Long Connectors
- 1 x Adaptor

Bulb Type: Energy Saving Full Spectrum
Bulb Power: 15w
Bulb Length: 60cm
Short Connector: 30cm
Long Connector: 55cm
Power Cable*: White 150cm 
* Power Cable type and color may change depending on supply but functionality will remain the same

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